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  We have added alot fo new features to our Spinnerbait line up. You can choose from 1 of 3 wire options, build your blade combo anyway you want, get a long or short shank hook, trailer keeper or no trailer keeper. Literally build the baits how you want them! 

  (NEW) Want a color you do not see yet? Simple, just add that color in our notes box and we will build the bait in that color for you. So you can pick up any color listed below and we will build it in the color you type in the "Notes" box.


  All these Spinnerbaits are built around a Mustad Ultra point hook that is super strong and durable, best quality Nickle and Gold blades out for long life and lasting color.With some of the finest quality swivels we have found to use to put the big blade in action at full swing the moment it hits water.


       In the pictures below are the 2 wire options to compare size. To the left is the Standard Wire, to the right is the Light Wire frame.




NOTE:  Some of the images may differ from the actual product in style but not color. ALL images are the color you will be getting in a spinnerbait. We are working to update with all changes and new images as wel can please contact us if there are any questions. Thank you for visting Lockjaw jigs, where you will find the finast in hand tied quality baits.




Build A Bait $6.00
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This option allows you to choose a color from our list of colors simple and easy. If you do not see what you want on the list just pick a color and add what you want in the notes box. We will build what is in the Notes box in that case. If you want to make minor additions add that in the notes box as well (example: "Add a few black strands to the top side") something of that nature. The notes box is not for you to recreate a jig or build a new color in that case you should contact us via Email at lockjawjigs13@gmail.com and we will work that out. we hope this will help you get the Spinnerbait yours looking for your next trip out.
Black (SP) $6.00
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White (SP) $6.00
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Candy Cane (SP) $6.00
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Black and Blue (SP) $6.00
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Mean Green (SP) $6.00
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