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   We have put the art of hand tying skirted baits into a line of spinnerbaits to give anglers that leading edge while on the water.  Our spinnerbaits come in either a Light Wire frame or a Standard (Std.) frame. The difference you ask? There are a few things that set these wire choices apart from one another. The Light Wire frame is in a .032 or a .035 piano wire which gives the more action and blade thump than the Standard Wire frame as well as a smaller compact size than the Standard Wire frame. The con of the lighter wire is the life span of your baits, with the high amount of vibration and the beating the fish will put these baits through bending the wires up and having to bend them back they will break. I wish I could say they won't but they will. Tournament anglers have used other baits similar to these for years and know they will break but if that bag they caught on that one bait cashed them a check for the day, it bought itself and was worth it. There is something fish love about the vibration and action of the smaller compact, light wire bait that cant be touched by a standard wire frame bait.

    The Standard Wire frame is a bit larger in size and lasts for a very long time, I have fished the same ones for a number of years actually and never had a problem.  ALL of our Spinnerbaits come with our custom trailer keeper to help hold your trailers in place cast after cast and fish after fish. Saving you time to fish and money on replacement trailers. If you do not use trailers on your Spinnerbaits than simply snip it off.

  All these Spinnerbaits are built around a Mustad Ultra point hook that is super strong and durable, best quality Nickle and Gold blades out for long life and lasting color.With some of the finest quality swivels we have found to use to put the big blade in action at full swing the moment it hits water.


       In the pictures below are the 2 wire options to compare size. To the left is the Standard Wire, to the right is the Light Wire frame.





 Please note: Some of the Images for Spinnerbaits are of jigs or Buzz baits simply to show the color of skirt, if you purchase one of the baits from this page  you will recieve selected color in a Spinnerbait. The other pages will have Jigs and Buzz baits if thats what you are looking for.  We will update the images as we can.  Thanks

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